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"A Voice of Healing in the Dove Company"


Dove on the Rise International strives to be one of many voices in this emerging “Dove Company.” For this reason, Joy and I are establishing a loose communication network of likeminded individuals who share in the ministry’s vision of bringing a greater release of the miraculous to the Church and the world.

When we started full-time itinerant ministry more than forty years ago, our singular determination was prayerfully, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to present the personal ministry of Jesus Christ just as He did in the Gospels: with anointed, biblical teaching and demonstrating the validity of that teaching with signs and wonders following. The majority of the Lord’s earthly ministry was rooted in healing for the mind, soul and body, and we want to present that truth as simply as we can.

Embracing the heritage of Frances Metcalfe and the Golden Candlestick ministry (see the Ladies of Gold series if you want to know more about them), from which Dove on the Rise International was birthed, we have endeavored to follow in the Lord’s example of hands-on ministry by moving in a prophetic healing flow.

What does it mean to be a partner with us as “A Voice of the Dove Company”? To allow yourself to be used by the Lord as a vehicle for expression and demonstration, tying people into an inheritance with what the Golden Candlestick saw in the Spirit, and subsequently what Dove on the Rise endeavors to present to world—showing a generational progression that goes beyond human age, but rather an “age” of the Lord that we are convinced is swiftly approaching.

This describes a generation that is prepared to know what it means to manifest the presence of God in a way that has not often been seen in times past. Yes, to have glory encounters as the Spirit initiates and orchestrates; but also a people who believe that the signs, wonders and miracles are a byproduct of these intimate encounters with the Lord. Being changed by dwelling in His presence, so that they can take that expression of healing to a world that desperately needs it.

Right now this group is in an infancy stage, and it requires consistent support from the partners on a regular basis. “Dues” or “fees” for membership do not fit with this kind of dynamic, but we do ask that if you wish to be a part of this organization, you give some kind of monthly donation to its support. We leave it entirely up to you and the Lord as to what you feel is an appropriate amount—there will never be any specific demands, but we do humbly request that you give some monthly amount as a show of your support.

Now, if you live in a developing nation and are not in a position to donate anything, we still invite you to be a part. Simply contact us to let us know your situation, and you will be accepted. We just ask that everyone contribute to the best of their ability without dictating something specific.

The donation feature on our website will convert an international currency into dollars, and we also have a ministry PayPal account, for those who wish to give that way.

Starting in 2018 and into 2019, we are developing plans to expand the offerings for the group. I believe the Lord has shown we are to create avenues of gathering together for mutual communication and impartation. That means we endeavor to create a number of opportunities in a given year, as finances permit, starting in the United States—and as the Lord directs, expanding into other countries—where the membership can meet together to cast a vision of where this collective Dove Company in the body of Christ is going.

I hope to start these meetings in mid-2018, but again, all this takes finances, so your regular support goes toward these ventures. We are still working out the details of what this all means, the logistics of when’s and where’s—whether these are hosted by churches or if we meet at a neutral location, so on and so forth. But the point is, we do anticipate being able to offer regional meetings in the next year or so, probably three or four a year to start with and we’ll go from there. They will be a time of teaching, impartation, laying on of hands, etc.

In the meantime, what we can do immediately for the membership is to offer a 30% discount on any printed products that interest you from our website. This is roughly 10% above our cost for producing the materials, depending on the book—so this isn’t some vast money making venture for our ministry. We want these materials to be a blessing, not a cash cow. As a member who is regularly supporting the group, you’ll be given a coupon code that takes 30% off your order. This is for your personal use only.

Further, during the next year, we anticipate really ramping up our offering of MP3s from the website. I have over forty years of teaching materials, literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of notes, that I hope to be able to commit to posterity in the next few years. We will offer all these MP3s free to those who are regularly supporting the membership. That means, you send us an e-mail asking for whichever MP3s interest you, and we send you a Dropbox link. Simple enough.

Membership is open to anyone who believes they share a similar vision of this Dove Company concept—that means you must profess to be born again and have an active, vibrant lifestyle of progressing in your walk with the Lord, and that you believe in the current supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ in the name of signs, wonders, miracles and healings. The Dove Company is more of a peer-level identification with those who hold a belief in the miraculous as one of the greatest keys to displaying the reality of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

This Dove Company is NOT an accountability or personal discipleship vehicle—that is what your local church is for. We are not going to be policing the membership. Being a member does not replace the need to be submitted to a local pastor in your area, wherein you attend church regularly and give your tithe to that local storehouse. Any donation you provide to the Dove Company is above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings—we do not want to take finances away from the local churches.

With that being said, we recognize that some of the membership does look to our ministry as a storehouse or umbrella covering, especially in those rare cases where we have a close personal relationship with certain members who have been ordained through our ministry.

Except in very rare instances where I’ve known you personally for a number of years, and we have consistent, regular communication, Voice of the Dove Company does NOT provide ordination. That’s not really our specific intent in creating this membership. You need to be submitted and ordained through a local ministry whenever possible.

For some of the membership, because there aren’t any Spirit-filled local churches in their area, they view this ministry as their storehouse and have therefore decided to tithe here. We leave this up to each individual to hear from God on where their primary support should go, but we want to reiterate that in 9 out of 10 cases there is a local church to whom a member should be submitted, utilizing the Dove Company as only a complementary connection to the body of Christ. In other words, we are not a church. We don’t have a centralized location and we don’t host regular, weekly services.

The Dove Company exists as a vehicle of mutual communication between likeminded members of the body of Christ. We are not trying to take the place of the local pastorship—we believe in local authority and a community of believers where you live. Support them first and give to the Dove Company above and beyond that.

Membership is by person only, not by organization. Yes, spouses can be members. It does not matter if you are in full-time, five-fold ministry, or the so-called “lay person.” All that is required is that you subscribe to the vision of the Dove Company concept. We encompass all affiliations and denominations—the network does not impose restrictions on other affiliations, nor does it dissolve the individual’s ministry identity.

After reading this, if you feel led to partner with us, simply send us a message.

Thank you for your interest, and may the Lord bless and keep you!

In Him,

James and Joy Maloney

 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalm 119:11