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The Healing Covenant (Session 2)

In this three-part MP3 series, Joy Maloney gives a systematic, theological teaching on the covenant of healing provided through Christ's atonement. She outlines the biblical basis for expecting healing in today's age by going through the Old Testament into the New Testament, showing that it is the Father's will throughout time that all of His children be healed not only spiritually, but physically, mentally and emotionally as well. God wants us completely well, and this series will help teach how a believer can appropriate the gifts of healing through faith by sharing frank, no-compromise steps that God has revealed in His unchanging Word.

This download is for Session 2: The Father's Will

Editor's Note: These teachings were taken from cassette tapes, and as such the audio quality is not the same level as digital recordings. However, we believe the material in this series is worth a little "hissing" and "scratching" noises, and we have put our best efforts into improving the sound.

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